with iFace Technology from BTBP

Intelligent Photo Capture and Facial Features Analysis

An intelligent photo capture widget with ability to auto-detect optimal conditions for analyzing skin features & facial analysis. Available for native and web experiences.

Works on Multiple Platforms & Multiple Devices

How to use this widget

  • Subscribe to license
    Contact customercare@btbp.org
  • SDK(Software Development kit) will be provided
  • Online documentation
    RESTful API with JSON format for easy data mining and easy account access across multiple devices
  • Develop application using the SDK
    Sample app code using the SDK will be provided for reference
  • Contact support@btbp.org for any queries

How it works

  • Instructions before capture
  • Switch between front & rear cameras
  • Upload from storage
  • Image quality check
  • Auto capture the best image
  • Quick preview
  • Upload to a cloud server
  • Analyzes skin care features
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Consumer data analytics

Measured Features