Sub micron defect sensitivity

First system in the world to do wafer 3D & 2D analysis simultaneously

  • Increase your yield with the most advanced A.I. in semiconductor metrology.
  • BTBP's system detects and quantifies process defects.
  • Wafer metrology is the key to process control and yield enhancement.
  • Load & scan the wafer.
  • Capture the full wafer for 2D and 3D analysis.
  • Recipe setup and binning capability.
  • Classify wafer defects and generate highest resolution 3D models for quantitative measurements.
  • Detect & display defects like particles, scratches, missing patterns & bumps.



Bumps on the wafer:

  • Identifying X, Y location(relative to notch), minimum height, maximum height, average height and diameter of the bump on a wafer.
  • Information is saved in the industry standard KLARF format.


  • Missing bumps can be identified.
  • High quality imaging providing greater detail of intensities for detecting even floor variations & the height of bumps more accurately.


  • Features capable of detecting the presence of particles, residues, damaged wafers, wafer edges, hard & soft defects with their locations, count and size with high binning accuracy.
  • 32 Bit High Dynamic Range Process of Scanning: Provides a wide range of intensities for detecting sub micron particles (0.25 microns) to very large particles (many millimeters) with a single scan for front and back of the wafer.
  • Automatic classification of defects through our computer algorithm process of deep learning(A.I).

Application Features

Follows SEMI Standards for Job Handling

Recipe Management

User and Role Management

Access Control Based on Login

Defect/Particle Map in Standard Format

Charting Package for Professional Reporting

3D Viewer with Measurements

Die-to-Die Matching

2D and 3D Analysis

HDR Imaging

Edge Inspection

A.I. Available for Classifying Defects & Tagging defects

Signature Analysis

Automatic Notch detection