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Go Beyond Visual Grading

Take your clinical studies to the next level.

Discover an in-depth facial detection and skin feature analysis platform that achieves an 80% or higher match rate with expert visual graders.

See how A.I. is augmenting clinical research

The Future of digital marketing

Machine learning for predictive marketing power.

Understand your consumer data through our automated data visualization platform featuring rich machine learning and content analysis. Harness the power to drive self-learning marketing conversations. Combine our facial analysis and augmented reality tech to rapidly create custom branded, web, in-store and native apps.

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Our Mission

Decode facial data to answer your tough business questions.

We are a Silicon Valley company dedicated to advancing skin research through deep learning. Our extensive A.I. platform offers the ability to analyze vast amounts of data to better understand your consumers and out think your competition.

Power your business with #bigdata insight
Shape the future of your business
Meet the CLARITY BUSINESS MANAGER a cloud-based, self-learning platform for gathering consumer analytics data.

Clarity Business Manager Features

Harness machine learning and tap into rich, user-friendly predictive knowledge. These are the real-time insights that accelerate your marketing execution.


Unleash the power of your most valuable assets: your data. Seeing the relationships in data drives confidence in making actionable decisions. These are analytics anyone can use.


Make your consumer engagement more meaningful, and ultra- personalized. BTBP’s image decoders find contextual user information that drives overall marketing success.


Our predictive models are constructed and trained using the largest sets of available data. We utilize an incremental technique to layer in new data as it becomes available. This truly scalable solution keeps updates streamlined and in-line with our latest tech.


DeepTag uses machine learning to understand the content of images. Going beyond facial recognition to derive many insights from your data. Tap into user demographics, lifestyle information and detailed skin & hair measurements.