Z angstrom measurements

BTBP 3D Clarity Metrology with dark field microscope

Our software can be added to any dark field microscope. With our analysis tools, you can create detailed 3D or 2D maps(depending on lighting). When combined with our virtual measurement tools you can find the sizes and volume of things you never thought possible.

One microscope with all the routine imaging modes BF, DF, DIC, POL, OBLIQUE, NIR & FL Plus a Smart-Scope with the next 3 steps in microscopy

  • Nanometer scale 3D surface imaging and measurements
  • Artificial Intelligence to perform defect analytics
  • Multi-microscope unification and data mining to build a useful library of information.

100X objective
3µ microns line width
Height <1µ micron

Three steps beyond your average optical microscope

The BTBP Clarity Pro optical microscope is the next generation in complete and smart imaging microscopes. Capable of imaging in Bright Field, Dark Field, DIC, Oblique (directions: 360,180,90 60, 30 degrees) Fluorescence and NIR, it also extends surface roughness characterization down to the angstrom level faster and easier than an AFM.

The BTBP Clarity Pro optical microscope is the next generation in complete and smart imaging microscopes.

  1. Unique 3D surface roughness image with single digit angstrom resolution equal to an AFM
  2. Artificial Intelligence for defect identification and detection
  3. Multi-system Unification for data mining
    • Open architecture frame for very large to very small samples
    • Configured for manual or fully automated operation
    • Easily accepts most sample loaders including but not limited to wafers loaders

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Outperforms other systems in the market

Z resolution better than 2 nm

Spatial resolution camera and optics dependent, 50x objective less than half a micron.

Works with consumer cameras and optics

Insensitive to DOF variation

Lowest cost

Research Papers


by Austin R. Holub t, Anderson Huo t, Kavil Patel t, Vishal Thakore t, Pranav Chibber and Folarin Erogbogbo *

Pranav Chhibber works as an intern researcher at BrighTex Bio-Photonics.