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At the forefront of 2D & 3D quantitative imaging for research

Custom-designed clinical trials

Quality-driven recruitment with extensive screening

DeepView, cloud services for image analysis

Think global, act local

Our unique approach allows us to manage and connect you to clinical sites worldwide. You will have access to various sites in Asia, led by our U.S. management team to provide a comprehensive and quality-focused partnership. Featuring an extensive on-site team of highly skilled directors and trained technicians we build and foster deep networks in each community. Partnering with local universities and schools, high tech professionals, government personnel and locally trusted sources of family and friends offer a broad spectrum of diversity in our recruitment panel.

U.S. Management in san jose, california

  • Study Design
  • Protocol Development
  • Infrastructure Set Up
  • Requirements Compliance
  • Final Results Reporting

Clinical Sites in Asia

  • Study Design
  • Protocol Development
  • Infrastructure Set Up
  • Requirements Compliance
  • Final Results Reporting

BTBP Clinical Research Centre

Have your next study conducted at BTBP's state of the art research facility in Hyderabad, India

Below is an example for typical procedure followed for study.


Registers the panelist details and explains about study flow & taking their consent for participation.

Face & Arms wash

Panelist should undergo face and arms wash 15 minutes before he/she proceeds to the capture process.

Fill LSQ

Panelist will be given questionnaire during the wait time for the captures.


Panelist facial captures are taken during this process following standard capture guidelines.

Color Blindness Assessment

Panelist will be shown some images on screen and asked to identify the colors and patterns.

Product Tactile Assessment & Verification

Panelist feedback on the products is collected.

Our studies are approved by BrighTex Bio-Photonics Ethics Committee, Hyderabad registered with the Government of India



  • Extensive panelist consists of skin photo types 3-6 (a wide range of Indian skin ethnicities).
  • Study size can be upto 1000+ panelists. BTBP has over 10000+ panelists that are registered and available in BTBP's database.


  • Conduct studies on any one of the BTBP Clinical research systems, including the 3D system.
  • Studies can be conducted for product efficacy or skin reaction.