A virtual experience for your spa

Elevate your spa to the next level.  

Introducing a digital skin analysis & virtual treatment app.

Instantly reveal signs of damage

The environment, lifestyle, and genetics all contribute to the health of our skin. By applying intelligent filters MySkinMirror reflects the hidden effects of these factors.  Revealing dark spots, early signs of aging and skin fatigue that aren't visible to the naked eye period.

Guide your clients through their skin story

Detailed measurements of the skin's health provide your clients with insight to the key areas that require treatment.   Skin scores for wrinkles, age spots, under eye dark circles and more provide an easy to use comprehensive skin consultation.

Reveal the possibilities your spa offers

Now your clients can virtually try on the services you offer.  Being able to see  potential results from dermal fillers or laser treatments guides your clients towards a personalized treatment plan. 

"Discover underlying skin concerns one might not even realize exists, and then help treat and improve them all within the app."

— Dr. Mona Gohara, Board Certified Dermatologist
Business Intelligence

Provide your clients with a personalized spa experience.  

The Business Manager matches your client's unique skin condition & needs to your services & treatments.

Recommend treatments & products directly from your services and offerings.  Map each service to skin scores for targeted recommendations.  Your clients will enjoy a new level of consultation services that educate and empower them in their skincare journey with you.

My Skin Mirror's virtual treatment room can be configured to simulate the transformative properties of various aesthetic services. Choose from a list of the most widely offered treatments, such as injectables, dermal fillers, photo facials, laser treatments, and more.

"70% of clients would buy services recommended by the app"

Drive business results through a meaningful & engaging experience.  

The future of skin consultations is intelligent applications to measure and track skin health.  My Skin Mirror allows your patients to stay connected to your practice & the services you offer with a deeper link to their needs.

Track & manage the services recommended and how those impact your sales.  Leverage the intelligence you gain from My Skin Mirror's analytics dashboard to move your business forward.