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We provide the ability to perform real-time facial tracking, precisely identifying the face and facial features in live video or still photos.

Based on our patented technology, we offer the world’s leading and most comprehensive, precision facial analysis platform for web, native and in-store technologies.

Our main products offer scientifically validated skin health analysis along with live beauty and skin care try-on transformations.

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DeepTag is a flexible A.I. platform featuring APIs & fully documented Software Development Kits that allow you to access our industry-leading suite of image decoders.

Build with our API s & Dedicated Cloud Services:

Easily integrate DeepTag APIs to create powerful apps or to decode your images with just a few lines of code.

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DeepTag uses machine learning to find, recognize human faces and verify identify.

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Get real-time facial analysis and feature tracking for live video & photos. Our 3D facial feature tracking precisely identifies 150+ points across the face to measure and track unique facial landmarks. From head pose to gaze tracking our A.I. platform features emotion, gender and age estimation.

Access our comprehensive skin analysis suite to discover the hidden insights your consumers have to offer.

Trusted by the top global beauty brands and cosmetic researchers our APIs and SDKs feature industry-leading technologies. Innovative beauty brands find your competitive edge here.

Shade Match Technology

Scientifically validated & proven skin analysis

Facial transformations for virtual beauty and skin care try-on

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Meet the CLARITY BUSINESS MANAGER a cloud-based, self-learning platform for gathering consumer analytics data.

Clarity Business Manager Features

Harness machine learning and tap into rich, user-friendly predictive knowledge. These are the real-time insights that accelerate your marketing execution.


Unleash the power of your most valuable assets: your data. Seeing the relationships in data drives confidence in making actionable decisions. These are analytics anyone can use.


Make your consumer engagement more meaningful, and ultra-personalized. BTBP’s image decoders find contextual user information that drives overall marketing success.


Our predictive models are constructed and trained using the largest sets of available data. We utilize an incremental technique to layer in new data as it becomes available. This truly scalable solution keeps updates streamlined and in-line with our latest tech.